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This site contains a data-base of software which is provided free of charge to users. The purpose of the downloads are to introduce users to the latest free programs and sample versions of software that can be purchased from the program provider. The programs provided are designed for a variety of platforms that include Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other common operating systems. A huge variety of user reviews and informative articles on hardware and mobile devices are also contributed by both professional and amateur writers. News on the latest technology allows our users to make better informed choices regarding their own downloads and keep their IT systems functioning at the cutting edge. This website is hosts a variety of content that is produced both by the website owners and affiliated companies and websites.

The Terms and Conditions associated with this site are designed to protect the interests of our users and the security of ourselves and our associates. The conditions presented are legally binding and universally applicable to all actions of the users while on this site. The binding restrictions apply to both casual browsing of the website and those that fall under the category of “Members.” Those individuals considered to be “Members” are those that have registered contact information with the company in order to receive updates on news and related items. The term “User,” as expressly stated in this document, refers to both causal browsers and members.

All Terms and Conditions Agreements should be read carefully. Authorized use of this site's services, whether intentional or otherwise, requires that all laws be observed and all restrictions of this document be obeyed. Any disagreement with the conditions should be expressed by discontinuing use of this site and its content. Continued use the site and affiliated services expressly implies consent with the regulations outlined.

This site reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without prior notification to its users. Changes to the Terms and Conditions are effective and considered legally binding once they have been posted to the site. Agreement with the restrictions of our site also implies consent with updated conditions set forth and implemented online. For this reason, it is crucial for our users to review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis to ensure that they are observing the restrictions in order to protect themselves and comply with the stated regulations.

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